Just Jesus evangelism ministry

At Lakewood Family Church, our passion for spreading the love of Christ extends far beyond the walls of our sanctuary. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce you to "Just Jesus," our evangelism ministry. "Just Jesus" conscientiously strives to meet the felt needs of our community while simultaneously sharing the love of Christ. Recognizing that many people in today's society are desperately seeking hope, we center our outreach efforts on introducing them to Jesus—the ultimate source of hope and healing. By fostering a welcoming environment of understanding, compassion, and support, Lakewood Family Church is steadfast in our mission to touch lives and transform hearts through the power of Christ's love. So on your journey for hope, let us introduce you to Jesus and join us in this extraordinary mission.
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Thank you for partnering with us to build the kingdom of the Lord. Through your partnership we are able to effectively service the community around us and lead as many people to Jesus as possible.

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